QSObot is a server process, written in Go.

It acts as a gateway between users of the Morserino-32 and a group of fictitious ham radio operators (vHams) that are happy to have conversations (QSOs) with humans.

For beginners to Morse (also known as CW), getting on the air-waves and talking to real human hams is fairly daunting, and may put some of them off forever. This server, coupled with the M-32, allows them to practice all they like with infinitely patient vHams.

Once they find this too easy at a reasonable sending speed, they should move to real humans to develop their skills further. This might be on-air, if they have an amateur radio licence, or over the internet via some service like iCW.

The server talks Morse Over Packet Protocol, or MOPP, which was the invention of Willi Kraml, who also designed and sells the M-32. STOP PRESS: M-32 v1 has sold out! Willi is under huge pressure to bring out v2 (which will be an incremental improvement, rather than a complete re-design, I understand), so keep checking his page if you want to get your hands on a Morserino-32.

There are two sets of instructions: the quick start ones which get you to a point where you know that everythign is working, and the fuller ones which go into the more detailed workings of the programme, and include example QSOs.

If you’d like to get involved in writing add-on software for the M-32, or want to give feedback on the QSObot, consider joining the M-32 Add-ons User Group. If you’d like to browse more general messages about buying and building the M-32, then there’s a main Morserino Group

This QSObot server is free to use. It may still have lots of bugs and may even crash occasionally. Please only use it for fun, and don’t get upset if I keep adding new features to it, which may have only be partly tested :-)

John, M0STQ