It’s difficult to know what your problem is from here, so below is a sort of flowchart. Check your way along it.

Morserino problems

If your M-32 won’t work, or the WiFi won’t configure, then you need to seek answers in the manual (you need the right version for your M-32, but it’s probably 3.x if you’re trying to use WiFi Trx), or from this video on YouTube.

Network problems

If your M-32 is working fine, but you can’t get WiFi functions > Check WiFi to give you the thumbs up, then you should try getting really close to your WiFi router (maybe the ADSL router, near the phone line?) and see if it can work from there. Sometimes it seems configuring the M-32, then turning it off and back on helps.

If not, then try it at a friend’s house, on their WiFi.

If you have a Mac, and it has an Ethernet cable running into it, you can share its internet connection out by generating an extra local WiFi network, which might be easier for your M-32 to see, if your playing area is a long way away from the internet router.

Once you can connect to WiFi, there are a few internet sites to try. These have to be put into the WiFi Config page, as WiFi peer address.

  • is Willi’s chat server. Key in “hi’, and you should get “:hi” back. If so, your network is fine.

  • is this site :-) Key in “qrl?” or “hi”, and you should get a “k” back.

If one of these sites doesn’t give you anything, it’s worth trying the other one, just in case my server (or Willi’s) is off-line or has crashed. If they both ignore you, you need to try getting closer to the router, or re-Config your WiFi, and then switch off the M-32 and switch it back on.

If you still have no joy, and you’ve tried all of these steps, then try the Morserino User Group. Don’t give up!

QSO bot server problems

There a few ways (beyond network problems) that you and the bot can get confused.

If your networking is fine, and you got a basic “k” back from the qsobot server, but the bot is no longer answering you…

Did you start an actual QSO? Did you key in “cq de [your callsign, or “test”] k”? This isn’t a chat server, and once you have a session connected, it will only react to a CQ call.

The bot can get stuck if it and you both think you’re receiving :-) Key in “k” or “<kn>” and see if that triggers anything from the bot. It may have been patiently waiting for you to finish your transmission.

The bot will time you out after a few minutes of no sending, and say goodbye. Has it done that? Check your M-32 screen. If so, you’re back to needing to “qrl?” to get a session. If you just send “k”, the bot will reply if you’re still connected, so try that.

If the bot is working, but not doing what you expected, or you want to know how to send your location, or name, or correct your callsign, then that isn’t really ‘trouble’ that this page can help with. Have you read the Using QSObot page on this site? I know it goes on and on for ages, but your question might already be answered in there. There’s an FAQ section at the end of the page.